Professional advice and production

We elevate your trade magazine to new heights with strategic, concrete and measurable advice. At Kailow, we help you optimise your medium, so it does not just match today’s media consumer – but also the reader of the future. Trade journals are as diverse as professional groups. Therefore, we do not work with piece goods and standard solutions. Instead, we take a focused approach as, using valid surveys, we reach a revitalising plan for your magazine. Through target group analysis, we prepare a strategy so that you can work hard to create motivating and inspiring content for your readers.

We work cross-media, creatively and solution-oriented

In recent years, the media landscape has taken some drastic turns, which has undeniably had consequences for trade journals and their readers. New trends such as breaking news, clickbait and an infatuation with conflict is not only important to the modern reader’s understanding of media, but also for their way of using them. In brief, the trade journal must be able to accomplish the same as before – and more. Our strategies use the new media reality actively – the various platforms have different limitations and opportunities. But only by integrating them actively into the strategy do you get the best results. The final strategy depends on the target audience. Some readers may need to be inspired by a digital newsletter, which gives them a sample of what the magazine will bring.

We love trade journals

At Kailow, we specialise in trade journals, and we have access to all parts of the production process. We cover everything from ink to SoMe strategies. However, the trade journal still has a very special place in our heart. Therefore, our Kailow Insight analysis department recently studied the trade journal’s importance to the modern reader. The focus was on what motivates readers and retains interest in the trade journal, as well as how visual elements affect them. Our various departments offer a broad spectrum of competences in design, communication and the good printed matter. With us, you will find specialists in all aspects of the development of trade journals – from idea, text and design to print and marketing.

We help magazines and trade journals with:

  • Strategy and execution

  • Contents

  • Design

  • Production

  • Distribution