When you hold your pools, Euro Jackpot or Lotto coupon in your hand, it is the result of detailed and sustainable workmanship, created at Kailow’s printing works. With more than 40 years of experience in the printing industry, Kailow is able to offer a great deal of expertise when it comes to larger productions. Among other things, we have our agreement with Danske Spil, where over the next four years we print pools coupons and deliver them to the nation’s gambling operators. It takes a certain calibre of operation to be able to deliver as large an order for printed materials as the coupons. Fortunately, we have tremendous machinery in our printing centres with both large-scale printers and smaller ones. For example, we can print 60,000 items per hour. Read more about Kailow’s CSR certifications here When we print the coupons, there are certain requirements that must be met. The cutting and creasing must be extremely precise, so the terminals can read the coupons properly, and some even require rounded corners. At the same time, the machines can package the pools coupons in carefully measured packages, so that resellers know exactly how many coupons are in a package when they hit the store. At Kailow, we are able to meet those demands, and not too many other places in Denmark are. Furthermore, we also offer swift delivery.

Print with a clear conscience

We think 60,000 coupons per hour are a lot, too. As the only printing company in our industry, we are proven to be sustainable and conscious about leaving as green a footprint as at all possible. We do this by focusing on CSR, not just internally but also with our customers. So, the pools coupon in your hand is not just the result of workmanship. It is also an environmentally friendly and sustainable pools coupon. Our paper has the Swan label and comes from sustainable forests in Europe. At Kailow, we have the skills to handle everything from the graphic expression to the actual process of printing posters, fliers, leaflets and, of course, pools coupons.