As one of Denmarks leading technology companies, Cool Sorption is always ahead with the newest technologies. But their website isn’t up to date. Kailow has been chosen to be a digital partner. They want to have a site that’s up to date with a focus on functionality and usability. They also need a website they can maintain themself. So our dedicated digital team is looking forward to giving the site a facelift, optimize SEO, and develop a new, fresh digital solution, to make Cool Sorption even cooler. 

Cool Sorption is the largest supplier of steam recovery technology, Vapour Recovery Units (VRU). A dynamic company, which has received Børsens Gazelle price nine times. In over 35 years Cool Sorption has delivered more than 320 VRU-units global. Cool Sorption is part of Akastor, an investment company within the Oil and Gas sector. Akastor is part of the Aker group.