We specialise in high quality printing of trade magazines and members’ journals

The trade magazine must be able to do more than ever before. Therefore, it is important that you make the right decisions, both in terms of set-up, colours, and paper type. Trade magazines have a long tradition. And in spite of digitisation, the printed magazine is still the favourite for the modern media user. A few years ago, consensus dictated that digitisation of the trade magazine was the way forward, but more and more studies now show that having the magazine printed is still worth it.

We print trade magazines

  • Offset printing, colour printing and digital printing
  • With CMYK and Pantone colours
  • Everything from rough, uncoated papers to finer papers with a silky smooth surface

The luxury magazine is gaining ground

There are many advantages to the printed magazine, and we can help you exploit all the potentials that the trade magazine holds. We studied the trade magazine’s function for the media user of the future, and the conclusion is clear. The trade magazine must provide everything the Internet does not, it must offer insight and immersion. We use this knowledge, both when we do layout and print. You see, the modern trade magazine joins larger areas and more exclusive paper types with a simple and stylish look. Being able to create this link between paper, printing and colour requires a printing works with knowledge and experience. We have 40 years of experience, and can handle both high complexities and small, cheap printed matters.

We specialise in trade magazines

Our various departments have a wide spectrum of skills in design, communication and the good printed matter. With our knowledge of trade magazines, together we can create a product that transcends the boundaries of what a trade magazine was previously required to accomplish.