Lakrids by Bülow are the first in the world to launch a liquorice tin made from 100 percent recycled plastic. The liquorice giant is constantly working to become more sustainable, without compromising on quality. So, we are proud that they have selected Kailow as a partner in media production. The choice of Kailow specifically was made not just because we provide the high level of professionalism the international brand requires. As a proven sustainable media company, itself is committed to social responsibility, environment and climate, we also support their high CSR ambitions. Liquorice by Bülow is represented in many international markets, from Denmark to Dubai. The Danish luxury liquorice is also sold in delicacy shops and online worldwide. Swedish private equity fund Valedo Partners acquired 75% of the global liquorice empire for around DKK 470 million. Read more about Kailow’s CSR (link)