Do you need a sound design that is professional and inspiring, creates atmosphere and sales and highlights your brand? Let our creative sound designers create just the right sound effects. It might be a creaking door, a singing bird or trickling water – sound creates atmosphere and is crucial to how people experience the world. Often, we are not aware of sound, but only notice it when it is disruptive.

What is sound design used for?

Sound design is design that pleases the ear rather than the eye. A well-executed sound design is therefore ideal in most projects. Sound designers are used for e.g. films, sound logos, websites, waiting tones, games and apps. Moreover, more and more retail stores spend money on interesting and purchase-motivational soundscapes for instore use. Also read our article on how we can help you with audio marketing here. 

Kailow – we also make sound

Kailow is an advertising, communications and media agency. We produce text, audio and visual content for all types of platforms. We want to create compelling, value-based stories that can serve both large and small, private and government organisations.