Advertising on the radio, or so-called radio spots, is an extremely effective marketing tool. The structure of the radio market gives you the opportunity to both hit a very broad and a very narrow audience. Just as it allows you to target your communications to a regional audience. At Kailow, we love good sound, good stories and good radio spots. We produce text, audio and voice-over for radio spots to suit your target market, your brand and budget.

The benefits of radio advertising

  • Radio advertising creates visibility and recognisability
  • Radio advertising is a personal and direct voice to your current and future customers
  • Radio advertising is repetition upon repetition and ensures remembrance
  • Radio advertising has an impact – again and again

Hit your target audience 

As said, radio advertising is amazing for hitting a specific target. The radio market has been divided into several niches, target groups and regions. Furthermore, an increasing number of media produce podcasts where they have a commercial partner. This all means that we can easily tailor your marketing to just the audience you want to get in touch with. This ensures optimal exposure for your investment.

Professional audio and storytelling

Perhaps you have a clear idea of how your radio spots should sound. Otherwise, our storytellers and audio geeks help you get radio spots on the air that are worth listening to. At Kailow, we always work from an objective that advertising must tell stories that make the listener or viewer stop, feel and change their mindset.

Kailow’s radio spots

  • Target the audience
  • Are creative and want to tell a story 
  • Are brand conscious and have an eye for strategy