Podcasts are among the biggest trends in marketing – and not without reason. The format allows you to create engaging and motivating content with real presence. Do you want to get started, but are unsure how best to do it? Let us help you with an effective communication, which speaks directly to the ears. Kailow is an advertising and communications agency. We work for those who want a vibrant and present communication, close to your target audience. Our Kailow Studio department has a special focus on creating inspiring narratives through sound, video and images.

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The good podcast

  • Engages with your customer at eye-level
  • Communicates your know-how
  • Has a strong focus on narrative rather than direct advertising
  • Good sound returns in higher customer loyalty

The podcast is one of the commercial storytelling formats undergoing the greatest development. If we take a look across the Atlantic, every day 43 million Americans stick a pair of headphones on and listen to stories and news through podcast media. In other words, there is a huge untapped potential, if you jump the podcast bandwagon early and start now! You see, podcast are able to achieve something quite unique – a sense of intimacy. Both in the traffic jam and while doing the dishes. Intimacy is something the modern consumer lacks in their life. Therefore, a podcast can be used actively to create relationships between you and your current customers. The medium can also be used to capture new customers, who want a little of your know-how.

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Kailow Studio – concept, idea and production

Whether your podcast should be short or long, fun or knowledge-intensive depends on your brand. Let us find a tailored solution together. We are storytellers with a love of sound and images that can be felt. Our communication is done with the message, audience, and brand in mind. Kailow Studios clients include i.a. Berendsen Group, Skoda, The Danish Prison Museum and JensenGrill.

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Become a first mover with your own podcast

On the format’s terms, Kailow helps you produce a podcast which best utilises your skills and speaks to your client group – at eye-level, or ear-level, if you will.

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