a communication tool that works – if you can figure out how to use it.

Millions of people use social media as a natural part of their everyday lives. In Denmark alone, the number of users has exploded. In fact, Denmark is a pioneer when it comes to social media. Figures from Facebook show that Denmark can currently boast 3.4 million Facebook users. So, there is no doubt that this is where both citizens and customers are. If you want contemporary communication, you should be present here. At Kailow, we help organisations and companies that want to either make social media part of their communications portfolio, or are already there, but want to crank up their profit dial a bit.

Kailow’s social media advisory gives you

  • Insight into the social media’s DNA – how to go viral
  • A plan for how you can implement your general strategy on social media
  • Tools to measure the impact of social media
  • A crisis plan – what to do if the shitstorm hits 

Get a SoMe strategy that works going

Just being present on social media is not enough. First, you need to have a goal for being there. Do you want to generate more sales, create awareness about your brand, or do you want to engage existing customers or partners? This has real significance in terms of whether your communication is ultimately going to work. Only when the strategy is ready does it make sense to discuss trendsetters, remarketing, reach and content. Of course, the SoMe strategy must be aligned with your current communications strategy. In our work with a strategy, we therefore make you our point of departure. Who are you? What is the goal? And who do you want to engage? From this, based on an investigative approach, we can find the strategy that is right for you.

Kailow works across platforms

Kailow is a communications, marketing, design and media production company that works with all types of written and visual communication. We work strategically across platforms and deliver messages that flow effortlessly between the digital and analogue platforms. We have five different departments: Graphic, Creative, Visual, Insight and Studio, which can help you with all parts of your communications – from the printed leaflet to the SEO optimised web text.