Need a presentation film that frames and communicates your company’s DNA? When we create a presentation film with edge and personality, we start with your know-how and professional passion. Kailow is an experienced all-round media, communications and marketing agency. Our visual storytellers at Kailow Visual create presentation films for both large multinationals and small local companies. And you could be next.

The good presentation film

  • Tells the exciting story of who you are
  • Is visually interesting
  • Is dramaturgical well structured
  • Is in line with your visual identity

What is a presentation film?

Typically, presentation films is used to present a company or a specific department to new customers and new employees. The film can be seen as a company portrait and can be used on your website for recruitment or customer visits. Unlike traditional commercials, your presentation film should create a portrait of you: The film should communicate what you can do, who you are and what values and visions you have – in a way that can be felt.

We highlight the uniqueness of you

There are plenty of boring and predictable presentation that barely use the possibilities offered by the film medium. And that is a real shame – your business is unique and therefore, your presentation film should be too. That is why we always work to highlight the uniqueness of you. Perhaps you have unique products and the world’s sweetest customer service? Regardless of what it is, it must of course be apparent from your film.

Kailow creates the good story

Dramaturgy is important. Today, most people are able to make a video and put it on YouTube. However, if you want to get your message across and penetrate and remain on the viewer’s retina, it requires both an exciting visual universe and progressive action. Kailow Studio consists of good, versatile storytellers who are passionate about conveying your message. We deliver good ideas and interesting stories every day. Over and over again. We create films with both style and edge that entertain and maintain attention.