Kailow has entered an agreement with Drømmeland. We have just become the new production agency for Drømmelands store in Odense. And even though we are going to market luxury mattresses and bedding, we are not going to sleep on it, but work hard to achieve the dreams of our new customer. Our first task is going to be nothing less than a huge opening party for the 23rd store in Denmark.

The production of all the media, which are going to draw costumers to Drømmelands new store in Odense is already begun. We are looking forward to the collaboration and to realize all the good dreams of the world’s best market communication.  

Since 1975 has Drømmeland been the Danes favorite bed store. The chain has now an online shop and 23 stores in Denmark. Over the years the bed consultants from Drømmeland have been helping over 650.000 Danes to a better night’s sleep.