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Press releases

We write press releases, which set the agenda

Press releases are not just a written standard item – press releases are storytelling. Therefore, the communication is also alpha and omega, if you want to leave a lasting impression on recipients. At Kailow, we write press releases which are receiver-oriented. This means that, unlike many others, we target press releases to the individual medium and the right segment. You may already have an idea of where your message needs to go out. And together, we create a plan for which media are the most relevant for you to hit. Perhaps you want a broad exposure through one or more of the major morning newspapers. But you may also want to aim locally, or towards a particular niche. Either way, we can get the job done. We have written press releases for both small and large companies and organisations, and we can spot the good story from afar.

Our press releases

  • Have an inciting, interest-creating and precise headline
  • Are angled and make use of the news criteria
  • Are written in an easy, playful and media-friendly language

We tailor the press release to your target audience

Lots of agencies send out press releases as buckshot, but these press releases often get no further than the email inbox. At Kailow, we have insight into what is happening on the other side of the desk, and we know that the press release should target the specific medium. Of course, working that way requires resources. On the other hand, it is far more efficient, and it ensures that you get publicity in the right places. You may already have some ideas as to which direction you want your press release to go in. We can supplement with a broad knowledge about which trade journals, magazines, newspapers and local papers are useful in order to target your particular audience.

Kailow knows the logics of the media landscape

Kailow specialise in communication, and several of our employees have roots in both communications and journalism. We are storytellers with your finger on the pulse, and we cherish the well-told story which guarantees you ideal exposure. In our work with press releases, we work from the news criteria and the news triangle. This means that you can always expect press releases which pique the audience’s interest, are relevant and well-angled.

Texts for websites

Website texts that make you visible online

Do your website texts need a digital overhaul or a creative touch? We help you create a website with content that adds value for you and your current and future customers. At Kailow, we have copywriters who are digitised to their fingertips and passionate about the sharp and clickable web text. We work for all kinds of companies – both large and small, who want a strong and well-communicated online profile.

Get website texts that:

  • Are written by professional copywriters with an eye for the target group
  • Communicate your core values accurately, sharply and elegantly
  • Rank highly in Google searches, because they are search/SEO optimised
  • Give you a professional and trustworthy website
  • Texts that hit the target audience

There is no doubt that a good, catchy text can be crucial to your success as a company. For the vast majority of your clients, your corporate identity starts on your website. Let us help you take full advantage of the Internet. Our copywriters write texts that convey your core values credibly and relevantly to your audience. We write web-friendly texts with sharp call to action headers and engaging body that works.

We give you happy customers and good Google results

If you want to take the next step and get to the top of the search results, we can also help you create a website with texts that are search engine optimised. Which makes it easy to find your site from Google. In short, we can help you be present on the keywords that are relevant to your audience and your customers. The marketing tool has proven to be extremely effective. At the same time, it is of course important not to compromise on the website’s content, which is what will give the user a better insight. Like all other texts produced by Kailow, you can expect concrete, easy and creative communication. Let Kailow do the job – your website is in safe hands with our experienced copywriters.

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