Health sells

He is known for his authorship with over half a million books sold and from the TV2 series “Can you eat your way to recovery?” (“Kan man spise sig rask?”). Umahro Cadogan is one of the nation’s leading health experts. With the launch of the new book “From sickness to recovery” (“Fra syg til rask”) and the health course “From sickness to recovery in 12 weeks”, Umahro contacted Kailow. The job was to create a new website that would support the TV-generated interest. Umahro’s previous website focused on presenting the authorship. Therefore, a much more sales-oriented approach was needed. At the same time, the intention was to integrate a booking system for consultations and lectures, as well as a web shop for the sale of books. Ease of use, functionality and clear calls to action were key when Kailow’s experienced web shop team built the site in record time. The task demonstrates how important it is to advise on mobile first thinking. Design for web should be based on the mobile version, not the other way around, as over 80 percent view the website via a mobile device like a mobile phone or iPad. We have adapted the architecture to the site, so that first and foremost, it has become mobile-friendly in a gorgeous design. At the same time, Kailow delivered a Facebook campaign that was linked to the situation where the target group (women 25+) consults Umahro’s website: When they are off work – and on the mobile. We have optimised for the mobile version and added the right functionality, so the site is aligned with the upcoming promotions on Facebook. And the site now supports all SoMe activities. Besides design and development, we provided technical assistance for implementing a webinar. Kailow developed a holistic solution that maintains the ranking in the search results and generates sales. In order to maintain the ranking on Google, we handled all redirects, which are essential in the implementation of a new site. Without the strategic work with search engine optimisation on Google, a website will not get the necessary attention, which leads to sales. Umahro’s employees have also been given a simple CMS system for updates and insight into the targeted and continuous work with the SEO part. The result? That the course “From sickness to recovery in 12 weeks” was quickly oversubscribed, as was the waiting list. Moreover, the sale of the book saw a boost. All this was helped by a new, sales-oriented website that supported the TV success and met the target group’s desires when drop by.