Branding plays a crucial role in the fashion industry. Social media campaigns and flagship stores help define the brand universe needed to create relationships with consumers. Regardless of the interface, these are crucial communications for you. It can certainly pay off for you to get a good, solid image bank, where campaign and product images can be shared with relevant stakeholders and influencers.

We bring your brand into play

The digital showroom is the entrance to your core fashion story. Nevertheless, surprisingly few brands prioritise getting their campaigns across on digital platforms. The digital showroom should offer the same feeling as stepping into your store or at your resellers. Modern consumers rarely buy T-shirts for the sake of the cotton. We buy them for the stories they offer. Therefore, your fashions packshots must exude dedication, aesthetics and gorgeousness. Journalists, media, bloggers and retailers must be able to see who you are across different media. You need to equip them properly to communicate your brand broadly to new customers through social media. In that particular communications exercise, fashion packshots and an updated image bank are alpha and omega.

Kailow’s fashion packshots

  • 100 percent correct colour reproduction
  • Easy ordering
  • High quality

Kailow Studio – we pay attention to detail

Fashion packshots require a dedicated team that knows how to produce images that express exclusivity and luxury. Our specialists create pictures where brand, light and composition are linked. In the end, the perfect picture is about a sense of detail – with the good angle and the right colour editing, a photo can easily bring out the best in your brand. Based on your own or a stylist’s desires, together we create an environment that suits your pictures. We make ourselves available as the creative co-player that might make you see new potentials in your brand. The brand is always our ultimate focus.