Dialogue marketing is one of the most effective ways to market yourself. Not only does the extraordinary options for segmenting the market down to the smallest detail minimise the level of noise for the consumer. It also gives you a unique chance to engage your customers through good and relevant content. Successful dialogue marketing requires experience and competence from the agency you choose. The large amount of data obtained must be treated both mathematically, analytically and ethically.

Advantages of dialogue marketing 

  • More segmented and specialised marketing
  • Allows you to predict customer desires
  • Provides specialised campaigns that meet the customer at eye level
  • Growth and increased revenue
  • Creates loyalty from customers who “feel seen”
  • Enables resale and cross-selling

Dialogue marketing gives you customer loyalty

Obtaining data about your existing customers can help you understand each customer’s desire and behaviour. Which ultimately means more loyal and happy customers, because they feel seen. They only receive the newsletters and the offers that are interesting to them personally. Kailow helps you collect large amounts of data and analyse them. Of course, with an eye to creating a specific plan for how to best communicate with your different segments. Typically, a dialogue marketing plan focuses on where and when your customers shop, and makes concrete proposals about how to exploit the untapped potential of existing customers. The goal is to get a more systematic marketing that is constantly controlled by the customer’s needs at the time in question.

Kailow – gifted, personal and digital marketing

We are tailored to the modern media reality. At Kailow, we work in the interface between the digital and the analogue, and constantly try to move in step with the modern consumer’s stricter requirements for effective communication and marketing. That said, we believe that good, solid and present communication will never go out of fashion. Only by combining traditional communication and modern marketing strategies do you get an ideal and engaging communication that activates the consumer.