Get a new, innovative and promotional design for your POS material. Want visibility and additional sales? We design POS materials that highlight your products and make you stand out.

Kailow’s design for POS

  • Attracts attention and keeps the customer in the store
  • Is in line with your business’ or store’s DNA
  • Influences buying incentive by up to 90 percent 

Empowers your sales with unique POS designs

Modern consumers still make the vast majority of purchasing decisions in-store. In fact, up to 90 percent of all decisions are made in the store. If you have motivating POS solutions, you can hit the customer right there. Through innovative design solutions, we create visual attraction for your products. With us, you do not get package solutions – you are unique, your business is unique, and your customers want to buy something that is unique. Your identity must permeate the visual universe and thereby elevate your products. Read more about our POS products here.

We are best in test

Using eye tracking and interviews, our analysis department Kailow Insight examined how different customer groups respond to different POS solutions. This means that we are specialists in guiding you in design, interior design, decoration and materials. And that means you get validated solutions for designing POS. Would you like to know more? So, read our article about how modern consumers react to POS here.

Kailow – five companies under one roof

At Kailow, we have many strings to our bow. We are not just a design company, but a full service advertising and communications agency. Our corporate group consists of the companies Kailow Graphic, Kailow Creative, Kailow Visual, Kailow Insight and Kailow Studio. Within POS design, strategy and development, we have specialists who can help you with:

  • The creative concept – development and design for POS campaigns
  • Brand compliance and guideline
  • Sustainable production and printing of POS
  • Setting up the POS in-store and outdoor 
  • Analysis of POS material

Do you want to learn more about our solutions and thoughts about modern instore POS? Please feel free to contact us here.