Horesta’s visual identity was developed around the millennium and is extremely colourful in character, clearly drawing on reminiscences of 1990s design tradition. And now is the time to look at a redesign. Therefore, Horesta just selected Kailow to assist them with the development of a new identity. The task is to modernise the current logo so that it appears timely and forward-looking, while appearing with a familiarity and respect for the current Horesta identity. HORESTA is the main organisation for the catering and tourism industry, representing about 1,800 companies and handling secretariat functions for a number of associations in the tourism and leisure industry, including the Association of Amusement Parks in Denmark, The Tourism Growth Council, Green Key, Bocuse d’Or and the culinary national team. HORESTA consists of the HORESTA Industry Association and the HORESTA Employers’ Association, and is the leading industry and employer association for tourism. horesta_logo_54x540