We have more than 40 years of experience in the development of design for print. Let our graphic designers make sure that your message is heard, seen and felt. At Kailow, we can help you with e.g. designs for magazines, billboards, posters and fliers. Our vision is to create interesting, motivating and innovative design solutions that communicate effectively with your audience. Call us today if you need a design that attracts attention.

Kailow’s design for print

  • Target the audience
  • Grabs attention
  • Matches your DNA and visual profile 

Want to know more? You are welcome to check our design cases for print here.

Therefore, you need to market yourself in print

Print is making a comeback after several years of decline. A few years ago, everyone was going digital, but recently, more and more large companies have become aware of the analogue medium’s advantages: In fact, print media is extremely effective when it comes to maintaining attention, moving behaviour and touching emotional centres in our brains. A good example of print media benefits is seen in a German/American marketing study which showed that 60 percent of consumers make purchases based on a direct mail received in print. E-mails perform far worse – in the same study, only 5 percent remember having received the same mail digitally. So, even if print is in many ways a more difficult and expensive process, it may well pay to invest money in attractive designs that do well in print. In the end, print marketing campaigns have a higher ROI than similar digital campaigns. Read more about our thoughts on the comeback of print here.

Kailow – we join skills

At Kailow, we have joined five different businesses into one company. This means that we both draw, code, devise, write and print under the same roof. Therefore, we can put together a team across specialties, tailored to take on your particular task and communicate your message to your customers. Let us get your vision down on rustling paper. Contact us here.