Do you need a new design for packaging? We create innovative design solutions that get your products off the shelves. Kailow is a strategic advertising agency working for sustainable and creative design solutions. We work for large and small clients, for people who want classic design aesthetics, and for you who want something a little out of the ordinary. Call us today and get a packaging that sells.

Kailow’s design for packaging

  • Is seen and remembered 
  • Is practical and has an eye for detail
  • Emphasises product characteristics

A design with an eye for brand and product

The vast majority of purchase decisions are made in the store. Therefore, it is vital that your products are seen and remembered. Not only must the design attract attention. There must also be a balance between highlighting the product and your brand. Your brand, your unique selling points and your emotional selling propositions must be clear. At the same time, they should not outshine the product. However, it is important to highlight the product’s characteristics – small details make the difference in the cold counter and on the shelves. It requires you to pick a design agency that doesn’t just have the practical knowledge of materials, form and design. The agency must also focus on brand understanding and the modern consumer. Read more about how the modern consumer shops

Kailow – Let’s design your future today

We are a design and media agency working for you who want a design that combines strategy and aesthetics. For us, it is not enough for a design to be beautiful – it also has to hit the target audience spot on. Therefore, our thorough and creative graphic designers work from a unique approach to design. Because we believe that design can be studied from a scientific approach. Our analysis department Kailow Insight has made it their mission to study how different audiences respond to visual communication and aesthetics. We bring the results generated in the Insight laboratory with us into the studio. This means that we can create the design that sells, both today and tomorrow. And it means that you are sure to get something for your money. If you want a quote for the design of your packaging, call us here.