We do design for car advertisements that make your brand stand out on the road. Kailow has more than 40 years of experience in design and sign making. And design for foil and foil printing are among our core competences. Contact us today for a quote. 

Kailow’s design for car advertisements

  • Gives you visibility on the roads 
  • Is in line with your visual identity 
  • Creates a professional and credible impression of you 

A rolling billboard on wheels

A car advertisement is an enormously effective way to be seen. Usually, the money invested are made back many times over by our customers. And not without reason. On a good day, 1,000 potential customers can spot your company car. With a unique advertisement that attracts attention and speaks to your audience, you may even be so lucky, your company car goes viral on social media. Contact Kailow here, and we will make sure that you get a car advertisement a little out of the ordinary.  Read more about how, for little investment, you get more out of your marketing

Did you remember to get the company registration (CVR) number on your car?

Did you know that, under Danish law, the company registration number, company name and logo must appear clearly on company cars? We help you with a design that suits your desires for your company car’s visual expression. Perhaps you want a completely discreet solution, or you may need a car that attracts extra attention. Kailow does the job no matter what. Read more about our design philosophy here.

Kailow – design with edge and production with attitude

Our aim is to create design solutions that achieve just a bit more and are closer to the consumer. A good design is not just a good-looking design. A good design motivates and engages the consumer. But we don’t just have opinions and ambitions that can be felt when it comes to design matters. We are the world’s only proven sustainable media group. Among other things, this means that we use materials that protect the environment, nature and you. Read more about our CSR certification here. Are you ready to order your new design for a car advertisement? Then contact us here.