DBU kicks member communication up a notch

During its more than 100 years of history, the Danish Football Association in Copenhagen has always had an members’ journal, which has traditionally been the association’s communications channel to members. Previously, the journal was the association’s only platform, but in recent years it has been expanded and supplemented by a variety of other channels, such as web and SoMe. Therefore, the form and justification of the journal has obviously been a topic of ongoing debate.

The conclusion is that the DBU CPH brand must be represented in the physical world. Therefore, Kailow and DBU just launched a two-part strategy that will focus partly on the concept and content, and partly on the visual expression, and develop the members’ journal from “journal to magazine.” In the future, DBU CPH wants a magazine that can become an identity marker for all those active in the Copenhagen football world. At Kailow, we look forward to the process, and to resolving this exciting task.