The offering of customer magazines has grown significantly in recent years – and not without reason. Between the crackling, glossy pages hides an ideal opportunity to boost your company’s image and create this exciting and relevant reading. In fact, customer magazines are among the most efficient forms of content marketing, because the printed magazine creates value for your customers in a moment of quiet reading, where they want to listen to your many interesting messages.

We love customer magazines

In fact, we are so crazy about customer magazines, our Kailow Insight department has studied how the customer magazine speaks to modern consumers. And the result is clear: The customer magazine scores high on several levels, where the digital alternatives cannot keep up. The main benefit of the customer magazine is the ability to retain the reader’s attention and thus move behaviour. Additionally, communication in print speaks much more to our emotions, which means that the likelihood that information will be remembered is also far greater. Of course, we keep those benefits in mind when we work with magazines. Therefore, we often advise companies to invest in quality, both in terms of design, text and press. A luxury magazine can create added value for your customers in their everyday lives. In fact, you have to think by the motto give more and get more. A quality magazine is a mark of quality for your brand and makes the reader more receptive to your messages.

Customer magazines: 

  • Creates credibility and goodwill around your brand
  • Increases turnover
  • Strengthens your market position
  • Makes customer loyalty rise
  • Attracts, informs, entertains and retains customers

We gather all functions from idea to print

Our media business includes all competences in marketing, communications, design and printing. This means that we can produce your customer magazine from concept to print. However, you decide how much you want to be part of the process – both when it comes to analysing e.g. audience and the magazine’s impact and a possible sale of advertising.

Kailow can help you with: 

  • Idea and concept
  • Text and journalism
  • Design and layout
  • Print and consulting on print

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