Your website can be a deal maker or a deal breaker. Your digital face is the first, only – and perhaps last – contact you have with your customers. A good, user-friendly website, which is in contact with the target group, can therefore not be underestimated. Kailow is a digital agency, specialising in developing websites at eye level with the consumer. We have five departments which help you with everything from design and text to structuring in connection with the preparation of your new website.

Your new website

  • Targets your audience
  • Can be made responsive and mobile-friendly
  • Uses plugins
  • Has a high degree of user-friendliness/usability
  • Is prepared with an eye for design and your visual identity 
  • Is made in Wordpress or Umbraco – whichever you prefer

Websites that hit the target audience spot on 

Like all other communication, a website should be designed and conceived for your audience. There are big differences as to how different target groups use websites, and what they value highly when surfing the web. We work analytically and strategically to hit the target precisely where they are. This means that you get the full benefit of your new website. If you want to delve a little deeper into your target audience, you can also contact our department Kailow Insight, which works with in-depth consumer analysis.

Identity-creating design

Perhaps you have heard the marketing thesis “People don’t buy products, people buy people”. The thesis underlines why it is so important that your brand and personality shine through the website. Your website is a key part of your brand. And that is why your brand should be reflected in both text, layout and design. The preparation of your new website is a perfect time to think about your visual profile and your company’s DNA. What does your business look like, and how do you communicate externally? We help you create your online footprint through visual storytelling. You can expect a website design with wow effect.

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