We develop web shops that give your customers a place where they can find and pay for your products online, and ultimately optimise your sales and your customer flow. To us, the good web shop is one that combines an efficient, technical interface with an inspiring design – and of course is easy to use for the customer. Kailow is more than just a web agency, and our company offers specialist skills in programming, web design and strategic sales. This all means that we can develop web shops that are even closer to the customer.

We create online shops that:

  • Target your audience
  • Can be made responsive and mobile friendly
  • Have a high degree of user friendliness/usability
  • Run with technical stability and security
  • Have been prepared with an eye for design and your visual identity

Today’s world is mobile first

The number of users who visit your site from their phones is increasing exponentially. Therefore, it pays to have your website design optimised to be responsive, and your web shop thus works optimally on all devices. Moreover, Google punishes websites that are not responsive. Your website will therefore be located further down the Google search results and thus get fewer visitors than your competitors’. Therefore, it is vital for the modern web shop to be responsive.

The visually motivating web shop

The visual aspect has a huge impact on sales in your web shop or e-store. It must be both clear and, at the same time, create a desire to buy. Through visually motivating and inspiring elements, we make sure of that. The good web design is the alpha and omega of your sales. A professional design not only creates purchase motivation, but also security for the shopper. There is no definite answer to what good web design looks like. Of course, it is about creating an expression that fits your brand and your audience. Additionally, good web design requires a high degree of usability with a call to action and buttons that lead customers safely on their way. All this means that you should choose an agency that has expertise both in sales, strategy, design and coding.

Web shop optimisation

Do you already have a web shop, but want to take it an extra step up the sales ladder? Let our specialists turn the sales dials for you. There may be several reasons why your web shop is not working optimally. If your website is old, you may need to update your CMS. It may also be that you just need to update your texts so that they interact with Google and thus end up higher in a Google search. We offer all types of web shop solutions.

Among other things, we do:

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Optimise usability 
  • Sales optimisation
  • SEO
  • System optimisation/conversion

Want to be inspired? Check out some of our web shop cases here, or give us a call for more information.