web banners bring visibility to your message. Banners not only give you the opportunity to create an effective and innovative form of marketing. They also make it possible to target traffic very specifically to your target audience. Kailow designs banners for Adform and the Google Display Networks, which create a wow effect, and which your customers will click. Kailow is a creative web agency that works to innovate your digital marketing and advertising.

We make HTML5 web banners 

Kailow  is a classic agency that brings together expertise in design and marketing. Yet, we are not afraid to work with innovative, visual solutions that make your banner stand out from the others. We tailor your web banners to fit both Facebook, LinkedIn and Google, or your own website.

Web banners with effects:

  • Film, sound and mouseover functions
  • Collection of cookies and data on behaviour
  • Text field where it is possible to insert data

Sharp messages, closer to the target group

Let’s be honest. You’re not the only one who knows about the excellence of the web banner. The modern Internet user encounters many banners every day, and therefore, your banner must be able to do something extra. In the end, the good banner targets your audience very specifically. This means that you must know the individual customer’s psychology and motivation to click a banner. In addition, you also need to consider the context. Does the banner work as part of a larger campaign? There must be clear call to action, logo and tagline. And the obviously, the banner must match your general design line and be consistent with your visual identity.

Kailow ensures:

  • Marketing that targets your audience
  • Revamped, visual solutions 
  • A wide spectrum of skills

All competences under one roof

Kailow is a full-service communication, marketing, design and media production agency. We have several subdivisions with skilled specialists in sales, strategy, web design and marketing. This means that you avoid costly intermediaries and that we can handle all parts of your communication. Perhaps you just need a good banner at a good price, which of course we can help with. And if you want to create a larger campaign with synergy, we also assist in developing the campaign that cuts across platforms. Call us today and let us find a solution that suits you.