Online Advertising – Google AdWords, Facebook ads and LinkedIn ads

Online advertising can quickly make a difference, if it is utilised properly. Over 80% of all consumers research on Google before a major purchase. But like with any other market, just being present is not enough. You must be seen by ’the right people’ and you must be relevant. In addition, there should be a strong common thread between your company’s online and offline activities. Kailow promises you a secure strategy that moves across platforms. So you can sit back while our online strategists help you overcome the biggest digital challenges safely.

We can help you with online advertising through:

  • Google AdWords
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Bing advertising

Should you choose Google AdWords, Facebook or LinkedIn?

The different digital platforms provide different options and limitations for your online advertising. Overall, it is difficult to set out guidelines, because the choice of output should largely depend on your company’s DNA and target audience. Therefore, first and foremost it requires an agency who knows your audience and knows where your customers are, and how to communicate with them. Of course, LinkedIn is more obvious for B2B, while Facebook hits B2C better, but a lot of other factors also matter. Not least the financial aspect.

We create synergy between platforms

Times have changed, and so has strategy. Previously, there was a notion that the online customer journey followed a completely fixed structure, where the customer moved from ad to site and on to sales. Today, we have become much more aware that the customer journey is more complex. Typically, today’s netizens do not follow the classic funnel model: Indeed, several platforms come into play, regularly replacing each other. Perhaps the customer goes from like something on Facebook to seeing the ad. The new reality requires an agency that is able to juggle strategically, and knows the various digital handles to turn. Below you can read what to expect when we create a strategy for your online advertising.

Our online marketing strategy:

  1. Identifies the content that meets consumer needs at different stages
  2. Uses the right media and targeting methods to reach consumers at every stage
  3. Continuously measures and evaluates on which marketing content works and does not work in the stages

We see marketing in a broader perspective

There are many one-man “full service” companies that create websites, advertising or social media solutions. This can be a way, if you just want an instant solution and are not as dependent on whether the consultant will be available in the future. However, if you want a long-term online strategy, which also bears fruit in the future, you should instead integrate your online marketing into your other strategy. This requires an agency that thinks strategically across platforms. To us, it is all connected. Therefore, we do not work and think in one reality alone. To us, the digital and the analogue are two sides of the same coin. Therefore, Kailow consists of several divisions, which together create creative, strategic solutions online, offline and analogue – we call it nonline communication.