By no means is the e-mail newsletter, or direct mail, a new marketing tool. Nevertheless, it is still very effective. E-mail continues to be the channel that gives you the greatest ultimate return on investment (ROI). At the same time, the email newsletter can be a value-adding factor in your customer’s everyday life. At Kailow, we work to create messages with personality, which means added value for the reader and, ultimately, customer loyalty and additional sales. Our skills are broad, and as an agency we work to create the perfect balance in the interaction between strategy and creativity. Let us help you take advantage of the full potential of email.

Kailow’s email newsletters

  • Are strategic, focused and target individual customers
  • Combine sales and inspiration – graphically and textually
  • Highlight your company’s value propositions
  • Are timed relative to the rest of the marketing plan

Tell more and sell more

A good email newsletter must do more than sell – a good newsletter must create, preserve and maintain your customer relations. Therefore, we work to develop messages that focus less on direct sales and more on providing a good story. A good story can not just be felt, it also makes you want to buy. You might view your newsletter as a digital shop window. The news email must therefore be both inspiring, visually engaging and credible. We arrange and design your email so it evokes the same feeling and spirit as a beautifully decorated shop window.

Motivate your target groups – segments your emails

One way to create messages that are interesting to your audience is to segment your newsletters. Your customers are different and have different motivations to buy. Therefore, it may be an idea to send them different newsletters. Of course, this requires you to have actual knowledge of who your customers are and what their needs are. Here, we can help with competent specialists who segment your customer base by interests and purchase motivation. The method ensures a truly exceptional customer contact and makes it possible to really create newsletters that are relevant to each of your customers.

Kailow – communication that is remembered

We work to motivate those who matter to you. Kailow has a broad spectrum of customers from many industries. And we have the skills to communicate through multiple media and platforms. Common to all of our marketing is that we work to create a good story, which in our view can wander across platforms. Our company is structured to suit the modern media reality. We therefore consist of several small groups of experts, which makes it possible to tailor a team of specialists for your next job.