Our concept 

The boundaries between digital and analogue platforms have been erased. Effective communication flows effortlessly between platforms and across all types of media. Not only does this make demands of companies’ strategies, it also makes demands of the execution of their communication, and thus the choice of supplier.


Kailow Group’s concept is tailored to the new media reality with several independent expert companies bringing together the greatest possible knowledge of each area. It is entirely up to our customers whether they only need the skills of one of our companies, or whether we should develop a complete solution across the house competences. Our one-stop-shopping concept eliminates costly intermediaries and the hassle of having multiple suppliers. Whether you need a complete campaign or have a specific production job you need performed, our 100 specialists help you cross the finish line safely.

Our company

Kailow is one of Denmark’s largest business groups in communications, marketing, design and media production. Kailow consists of Kailow Graphic, Kailow Creative, Kailow Visual, Kailow Insight and Kailow Studio.

Kailow was recently named the industry’s most innovative company group, we have been awarded the Gazelle award for growth several times, and most recently Kailow Visual has been named the fastest growing company in the entire media industry. We focus on being a competent partner for both the small local business and the large international organisation.

It is Kailow’s vision to be Denmark’s most responsible corporate group, and we take a structured and targeted approach to our work with climate, social responsibility, environment and working environment. Among other things, this is achieved through our international certifications, as well as adherence to the UN Global Compact. Kailow was founded in 1976, employs 100 people and in 2015 generated a total of DKK 140 million in turnover.