Kailow creates commercials that break through the screen

We produce commercials that are seen, felt and remembered. We have an ambitious goal of creating films that break through the wall of advertisement that modern consumers encounter every day. Our best tools are solid film craft and the good idea. We will not compromise, and that applies in all parts of the process: from concept and script to casting, location and production.

Commercials give you value for money

Films can do more than just tell a good story. Films sells better than any other comparable advertising product. When it comes to visibility for your brand, there is not much that can match the results you get from TV and cinema advertising. And this is despite the fact that new opportunities to advertise appear constantly. To this day, research shows that commercials provide the ultimately best return. On average, commercial films give you a sixfold return on your investment. So, although they often come at a greater cost, commercials still offer the greatest ROI – return on investment.

Why commercials work

  • A safe investment with a high ROI

  • Makes your business identifiable

  • The effect of TV lasts longer than other media 

  • Works well across industries and audiences

  • Have a high degree of credibility 

Focus on the good story

We stand for spellbinding stories that we create through good cinematic craftsmanship and creative minds. Kailow loves to create films that can be something more, telling the good story and expanding the viewer’s horizon. Furthermore, we are perfectionists with an eye for everything from the right angle to the right lighting and the right composition. Therefore, we create the industry’s most vibrant and credible commercials. Contact Kailow today for a quote.