Treat your customers and employees to beautiful Christmas cards during that merry time of year. If Christmas isn’t the time to spread some joy and work a bit extra on the aesthetics, then when is?

Personal, poetic and strategic

For the vast majority of companies, the Christmas card is a ritualised, symbolic act. And it is not entirely unjustified: A card in the last month the year expresses closeness, personal involvement and presence. Values that can very much help strengthen the loyalty of your customers. Kailow helps you create remarkable Christmas cards, which give you a high return on investment. Through a brand-strategic approach, we ensure that your card stands out from the pile. We produce and design classic cardboard cards, but we also create innovative, digital Christmas cards. A common feature of our solution is that we work to create aesthetic cards that are true to your values, your message and your visual design line.

Classic Christmas cards in a quality print

Do you want a slow, efficient and personal communication? We create, design and print cards that tell a greater story. That is, your story. Behind the Kailow name hides a modern graphic company focusing on customised and sustainable quality solutions. Our graphic artists, printers and print operators are specialists in high-quality printed matters. They are well-versed in all parts of the printing process and help you with everything from design, colour editing and choice of paper to ink, folding technique and printing method. Together, we create the very simple card or the card that enters the sphere of installation art – both at a favourable price.

Magical digital Christmas cards

Digital Christmas cards simplify things a little. Cheap, fast and simple distribution means we can spend the extra time creating a card with a noticeable wow-effect. There are almost no limits to the possibilities of the digital card solution. You can make the snow fall and make your brand come alive. The format really offers an opportunity to create stories that touch and are remembered by the recipient. In addition, digital cards offers the opportunity to act agilely. The various cards can be personalised and adapted to, for example, your foreign customers. Call today for a quote that gets you in the Christmas spirit.