Impress at sales meetings and trade fairs with sparkling brochures

The sales meeting is still a key factor in bringing new customers to your business. Brochures can add an extra visual dimension to the sales meeting, while making it easier for you to present your business profile. A good brochure communicates your message briefly and clearly, and the possible applications are endless. The most important thing is that you think holistically and integrate the brochure’s function in your other strategic marketing.

Brochures are a part of your corporate identity

A brochure can open up for new customers and unexplored sales channels. For some, the brochure may be the first impression they get of your company. Therefore, it is important that you think about the impression you want to give of your business. Who are you, and what separates you from the others? Readers should know that when they have read the brochure.

Be original and creative – but know your customer

While it is of course a good idea to place the logo and slogan on the front, you must also consider how the design elements can be used to support your visual identity. Remember not to pour too many messages into the mind of the reader, but make the brochure a visual experience. Remember that what is easy to read is also easy to remember – A brochure can express many things through design that you do not need to tell. Silk paper gives your brochure gloss and depth, while uncoated papers give a matte, toned-down and rustic look. Of course, it is all about your business and your wishes and expectations for the brochure. Either way, our designers and print specialists are ready to offer help and advice, so your print gets across the finish line safely.

Your vibrant printing works close to Copenhagen

At Kailow, we created printed matters for both small local and large international companies for over 40 years. We love the smell of ink and the good printed matter. With us, you can expect pressure high-quality and timely delivery. We believe that good old-fashioned communication between company and customer creates the best result. Therefore, our specialists are always ready to talk about print, communication and marketing. 

The good brochure

  • Conveys your message briefly and accurately
  • Is eye-catching and wants to be stuck to the fridge!
  • Has rich, visual effects – graphics and colour choices have been considered
  • Targets your audience
  • Contains visible logo and contact information