We print booklets for large and small, private and public

Despite the global, digital age, print is still the most trustworthy communications channel. The Internet is volatile and fast – a printed booklet, however, gives you a unique, immersive platform for PR, news or information.

Room and time for the complex

Having the paper, the writing and the words between your hands is something else. The booklet allows you to pamper your customers with the feeling of quality while browsing through logo-covered pages. At the same time, the booklet has the advantage that it offers room to tell your story. And what is read is stored and remembered better than the digital alternatives. Therefore, the printed matter is ideal if you have too much to tell to fit in a flier, but still want to get your message out broadly.

Booklets in a high quality and with high credibility

We help you create a booklet that meets your vision. And we help you make choices about paper types, colours and binding. That way, your booklet will appear completely sharp, vivid, rich in contrast and professional. The good result is very dependent on the knowledge of how different printing methods, types of paper and inks play together. 

We are your Swan labelled printing works

At Kailow, we have 40 years of experience with print quality. We are passionate about the good printed matter which matches your interests, both in terms of price and quality. We understand the importance of your logo and name spreading across the printed matter, why even small details have significance. At the same time, Kailow has the right solution for those who want to use a sustainable printing works. Since the beginning, CSR has played a significant part in our business. Therefore, we were also the first media group in the world to be CSR-certified. Kailow have skills that go beyond print and distribution. We can also help you with both text and design of your booklet if you wish.

At Kailow, we have a wide range of skills within

  • Printing and post-treatment
  • Book printing
  • Trimming and folding
  • Design and graphics
  • Text, communication and strategy