Publish your own book

Do you have a great story that is just aching to become a book? At Kailow, we print books, art books, biographies and novels. Our printing works near Copenhagen guides you through the entire printing process, from concept to print. That means you have the opportunity to be there when the machines start working, and the ink hits your pages. If you just want a quick publication, we can also help with that.

Kailow’s business groups can help you

  • Design the front cover
  • Layout the book
  • Branding
  • Proofreading, text and press releases

Black on white or gold and CMYK?

Together, we can create the perfect, customised book for you. At Kailow, we do not have customers, we have partners. You may already have some idea as to what your book should look like. We have the capacity to guide you on how paper types, CMYK inks and printing processes work together. We print in both small and large runs – in hardback or paperback formats.

We provide a sense of security around your print

Previously, we printed books for artist Thomas Kluge and annual handbooks for the Technical University of Denmark. In other words, we have a broad offering in the art of book printing and print books for both small and large customers. Both for those who want a black and white book, and those who want a vivid visual experience in a rainbow of CMYK or Pantone colours. Ultimately, it will be your name on the book, and it is therefore important that the visual choices are consistent with your message. We have over 40 years of experience in the printing and design of books and are able to guide you in making all the right choices.