A business card is one of the most frequently used marketing tools. Just over 600 years ago, a Chinese businessman started handing out small pieces of paper name and image to his customers. Since then, the business card has become an indispensable part of the promotion of small and big business worldwide. And despite the fact that the small printed matter seems simple, it requires care and consideration to produce.

Highlight your best sides 

A business card that presents your business information in an aesthetic packaging is indispensable when you want to introduce yourself or your company. We help you highlight the uniqueness of your business. We have years of experience and knowledge about how different printing techniques and paper and ink types create the best result. If you want a raw, contemporary look, we typically advise you to choose an uncoated paper type. Conversely, if you want a minimalist, classic look, we recommend a robust silk paper. Of course, it all depends on the individual task. And whether you want a quick, cheap printed matter or an exclusive, attention-grabbing business card, we can help you. Together, we create a business card that supports your company’s DNA. A good printed matter depends on the detail. Our specialists and technicians can help you make the right choice.

Design your own business card

Want to design your own business card? Below, we have compiled five tips from our graphic designers. If you follow them, you get a business card that stands out and differentiates yourself from the thousands of business cards that end up in the waste bins at companies.

The graphic designer’s advice for the successful business card

  • Choose colours that support your visual identity
  • Create a captivating graphic element
  • Use a good, professional and visible logo
  • Take advantage of both sides of the card
  • A lifelike image creates identification

With us, your printed matter is in safe hands

Kaillow is not just a web shop. We are specialists, who are passionate about the good printed matter. Millions of business cards have come through our machines since we started printing business cards 40 years ago. We are passionate about the good business card and the good printed matter. With us, you can both design your own business card or have our talented graphic designers do it.

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