3D animation video and motion graphics is a visually powerful and creative tool that highlights your visual identity and your company’s personality and appeal. Additionally, studies show that your brand is seen as a more safe, secure and professional choice. The good thing about animation is that you do not have to compromise. All production can be tailored and adapted to fit your brand perfectly.

What is 3D?

3D technology is a further development of 2D or cartoons. But 3D technology adds an extra layer on top, making it possible to see around the objects. 3D technology exploits the fact that we have two eyes and mimics the way we look when not in front of a screen. Normally, the eyes see each their own image. When the brain puts the images together, it becomes able to judge distances and create depth and thus assess whether one thing is closer than another. Distance perception and depth are what creates the 3D experience.

3D animation is particularly well-suited for:

  • Product presentation
  • Concept communication

Let us bring your business to life

If you want to give your brand’s visuals an extra layer, 3D is a good idea.

In our 3D video, you get

  • Animations, tailored in Full HD or 4K
  • Animation of your logo
  • Voice-over
  • Background music

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